Tandem Flights

Tandem flight experience !!!


Do you like to be like bird soaring through the sky and feel the unlimited space around you? Do you want to experience a unique and exciting feeling, enjoy the magnificent views, unique place, flying over hills or cliffs of southern England? Paragliding provide you these amazing experiences.

Polish paragliding instructor from school Airworks (one of the most recognized and largest paragliding schools in the UK) provides instructional paraglider tandem flights in scenic spots of Sussex near Brighton.

Are you looking for a gift idea for a boyfriend, girlfriend, parent or friends? Flight in tandem is the perfect gift . For this occasion, we print a special voucher you can give the chosen person.



Andrzej Czerwinski (BHPA Air Experience Instructor) is a professional tandem pilot, as well as paragliding instructor fully British licensed and insured. His paragliding adventure started in Poland in 2006. After moving to London in 2007 he continued his passion for flying in England and Wales, as well as in the Alps or the Himalayas. The current airtime is 1100 hours on different types of paraglider from beginner to open class hotships, speedwings, miniwings etc.


How does paraglider tandem experience looke like:

After preparation of the passenger, a short training, discussion of the flight plan participant takes off from a hill or cliff along with the tandem pilot.


Flight duration is 15 - 20 min . dependent on weather conditions .



Reservations can be made even weeks in advance , but you need to contact us day before at 8 pm to confirm weather conditions ( lack of rainfall, the right direction and wind strength ) are safe and suitable for flight to take place.


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e-mail: andrew.cze@gmail.com or andrew@xcjunkies.org


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